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  • Smart lock with Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Fingerprint-resistant
  • Built-in alarm technology
  • Easy to install
  • Smart locker


All about smart locker, Schlage BE489WB CAM 622

Smart locker with Built-in Wi-Fi allows you to lock/unlock from anywhere – no additional accessories required. Pair with the Schlage home app or Key by Amazon app to create and manage up to 100 access codes for trusted friends and family for recurring, temporary or permanent access

WORKS WITH ALEXA: Check the status of your lock and lock / unlock your door. In addition, Alexa will let you know when your battery is running low or set-up smart reorders through Amazon Dash Replenishment so you always have replacement batteries when needed.

Fingerprint-resistant, capacitive touchscreen with easy one-touch locking. Optional voice control offers hands-free convenience when using voice-enabled products

Built-in alarm technology senses potential security breaches at the lock, while the low battery indicator offers advanced warning for battery replacement

Easy to install with just a screwdriver. Unique snap ‘n stay technology snaps the deadbolt onto the door so both hands are free during installation

Connectivity built-In: Gain peace of mind from anywhere with the innovative Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt. Built-in WiFi lets you connect directly to your home network, no hubs or accessories necessary. Use the Schlage Home app or the Key by Amazon app to lock or unlock your door remotely and manage access for trusted visitors. With Key, you can receive video of people entering/exiting your home and opt-in for in-home delivery (Prime members, where available) when you also purchase the Amazon Cloud Cam (Key Edition). Getting connected with the safety, simplicity and style of Schlage has never been so easy.

Built-in WIFI: Get setup faster with built-in WiFi that connects directly to your home’s network, meaning no additional hubs or adapters.

Voice Control: Take advantage of the ease of voice control when paired with an Alexa-enabled device. Alexa will also let you know when your battery is running low.

Low battery indicator: Receive advanced warning for battery replacement.

Built-in Alarm / Holds 100 Codes: Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of the built-in alarm and up to 100 access codes.

Access from anywhere/ Smart Control: Use your smartphone and the Schlage Home app to unlock from anywhere and to manage access, notifications and more. Add smart control with Ring when you set up your Schlage Encode lock with the Key by Amazon App and pair them with the Ring App. Lock/unlock your door directly from Ring Video Doorbell’s Live view and use the Ring App to verify your guest’s identify before granting access.

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Customer questions and answers about smart locker, Schlage BE489WB CAM 622

Does this smart locker have auto-lock function?

  • It is probably confusing when you get both yes and no answer! I just installed this smart locker. There are two apps used to control it. Amazon Key and Schlage Home. It is a bit confusing, but you will want both. Both apps have an Auto lock setting. You can select 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minutes, 2 minutes or 4 minutes. Navigating the apps is not obvious. For Amazon key, go to “settings” in the main menu, select the lock name (Encode if you did not change it) and look for Auto Relock. In Schlage App, use the settings icon at the bottom of the page (using iOS; not sure about Android); choose “Auto Lock Delay”. Hope this helps.

If you have a power outage will a pre-programed code still work?

  • Yes, it operates on batteries. However, you will not be able to use the app to access the lock during a power outage as your wifi will most likely be off too. Power being out does not effect the normal lock/unlock functionality.

Lock/unlock log? I do not see if this keeps a log of who has used their access code. Does this smart locker keep a log?

  • The history log is at the bottom of the Schlage Home app page. It records “how” the lock was operated – Even if you never add user codes different from the default codes.
  • Using the inside lever causes these history log entries:
    Locked by Thumbturn (time and date)
    Unlocked by Thumbturn (time and date)
  • Locking by pushing the lock symbol on the touchscreen caused this entry:
    Locked by Touchscreen (time and date)
  • When I use the Schlage Home app to lock and unlock, history shows cause these entries:
    Locked by Bill (time and date)
    Unlocked by Bill (time and date)
  • If you add user codes, the defaults codes (under the battery cover) stop functioning. Since I named a custom code “Primary”. using it to unlock causes this history entry.

Does this smart locker keypad light up?

  • Press the “House” button on the lower left hand side of the keypad and it will light up without entering a number
  • it does light up but you have to press the house icon. If it is dark, you cannot see the icon.

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5 reviews for Amazing smart locker Schlage BE489WB

  1. A smart shopper

    The good: This is an excellent lock, easy to install and use (when replacing an existing deadbolt) , secure and good looking. It is yet to be determined how long the keypad will survive full sun in Florida. The number lighting is bright enough to see in full sun though, so that’s good too. Would have been 5 stars but for, what had to be a, manufacturing defect with the inside plate that secures the outside keypad box. (see picture) The sealed box came with a mounting plate that was cracked 90% through, before being installed. This tells me that something went awry in the making of this bracket, the “metal” that was seen on the cross section looked more like sandstone, or “pot metal” than real metal like steel. This is the key piece to keep the outside box on if someone hits it with a hammer. Sent a picture and used a form on the Schlage website. Schlage was top notch in customer support and rapidly, at no cost, shipped a replacement bracket. The replacement was the same dimensionally but was obviously more like a real metal component. Fit perfectly.

  2. Nicole

    Bought this lock so we could share codes instead of keys with our more frequent visitors. We haven’t lived with a keypad lock before, let alone one with an app. I’m so glad that we bought this lock. It replaced our existing Schlage keyed lock, and it was easy to install. It came with an Amazon camera that is used for the in-home Amazon delivery service called “Key” (more on this later). The lock sets up easily in the “Key” app (plug in the camera first). Once you set it up in the app, you can set your codes and use them to enter the house. You can add codes for different guests, and you can text the codes to them if you want. You get an alert on your phone saying who unlocked the door. It’s really changed how we use our house because we don’t need to carry keys and don’t have to leave the garage open for the kids.And this lock comes with bonus features! Didn’t think I’d want Amazon opening my door to deliver packages but I was wrong. The app let’s you know the delivery time and then when the package is delivered, the camera records the delivery person. They slightly opened our door, left the package and closed it. I wish the mail and others did this too. Much safer and convenient.Very pleased with this lock and highly recommend.** Update- Amazon scrapped the “in-home” Key delivery service so we use the Schlage app which is not fancy but does the things you want it to when you want it to. We now have the lock working on Alexa and find ourselves asking her if the doors are locked. Definitely convenient. Seems like the batteries last around 8 months btw.

  3. MichaelJ

    6/27/20 update: still no major issues to date. The lock ‘just works’. We don’t think anything special about it day to day and that’s probably as it should be. Only complaint long term is only way to light the panel at night is to touch a button. Best so far is to memorize wheee the lock button is and press that as it won’t register as a number entry. Batteries don’t last quite as long as they claim (no surprise) but it’s not been particularly hungry either using amazon’s batteries.8/17/19 update: still going strong. Schlage has released several firmware updates but I haven’t been able to tell any difference. So that part has been seamless.I use the Schlage app and not Amazon Key and have had zero problems to date. The lock can not be in both modes at the same time. It’s either an Amazon Key or using Schlage. Without a camera for Amazon to open your front door I’m not sure of the use of letting Amazon manage your lock. The lock in Schlage mode works fine with Alexa.A few hiccups with the app early on where it would act like it forgot or couldn’t find the lock. But that hasn’t happened now for quite a bit. That may have been part of the firmware updates.Anyhow I’d buy it again. Only complaint is that they are expensive and you have to have a locksmith to rekey them if you have more than one and want the keys to match.Original review: Bought this to replace an old Kwikset that had the finish worn off from years in the Florida sun. We will see how well this finish lasts (I replaced the door handle with a matching set as well).Installation was pretty straight forward, though I did have to do a little work on the door jam to install the deeper double plate that comes with Schlage locks (this is important BTW, as it’s what gives these locks a better break in resistance rating over their competitors. Without that plate and extra long screws your lock installation isn’t as secure as it otherwise would be). This unit is much quieter than the lock is replaced, and it’s also more compact. I can still hear it, but it’s not that loud. I also had to go and find some door paint to touch up the areas the old lock covered that this one doesn’t.The app gets bad reviews, but I think that’s because of some of the other locks and not so much the app itself. With this lock, I had zero problems installing it and setting it up. It took a few minutes to join my network and probably 3-5 minutes to do the firmware update. The Alexa skill was also quick and mostly painless.I also setup an account for my wife and shared the lock permissions with her, so she can do everything from her phone as well except delete the lock from her account. Getting this part to work is a little tricky, since it’s not well documented. I only figured out because a Shlage rep had posted on here in reply to one of the other negative reviews about what you needed to do. You have to give them a virtual key but to do that the app wants, on an iPhone anyhow, to automatically share something but it doesn’t tell you what. After some fumbling around I figured out it wanted to send the text of an e-mail with a onetime use password. The app should just do this automatically instead of opening the iOS share menu, as things like AirDrop don’t work (or better yet MAKE AirDrop work for this so I can do the exchange that way!). Likewise, on my wife’s phone the link from this e-mail opened the app store and then took me to the app page which allowed me to launch the app and then it asked me for that code. Seems like the link should just ask if you want to open the app and do that (like Facebook does).Lastly, the app doesn’t know your type of lock in advance, so it gives you the option to use HomeKit right from the first screen, but this lock doesn’t support HomeKit. So that might cause people some grief as well.Overall, I’d say 5 stars for the lock and 3.5 stars for the app, but mostly because of the lack of directions for the shared setup I noted above. I applaud Schlage for participating in reviews and hopefully they will take the feedback to heart. Let’s also hope they spent more than a few minutes thinking about the security of this thing and employed some smart people in the use of good crypto, nonces, etc. so it’s really secure and not hackable. No excuses for that in this day and age when there are many competent security professionals they can pay to design these things.

  4. Bill_IT

    My purchase of a Schlage Encode electronic front door lock and the matching FE285 handle and latch set (purchased separately) yielded several lessons in how to select such devices while avoiding most of the problems.Upon receipt of the lock, I had Lowes re-key it to match my other Schlage house locks (a free service at my Lowes). But note: have this done BEFORE you install the lock! Otherwise, a locksmith must come to your location and will charge accordingly.I have installed my lock and set it up. It will provide access to my home if I require 911 services (I live alone). My medical alert company has a temporary access code for the lock, which it will provide only to 911 responders. And If I am unable to delete that code immediately after responders access my home, that can be done remotely by family members or friends who have downloaded, installed, and set up the Schlage Home app on a compatible cell phone. That prevents responders from abusing the code to burglarize the home later. There is the added reassurance that any use of an access code can generate an immediate alarm on the Schlage Home app.I had to contact Schlage’s excellent customer service by phone to complete the installation and programming of the lock. The Schlage web site has a contact phone number, which is answered by real humans.Some important considerations:1. This still isn’t a mature market with the ideal combination of design and functional features. It’s likely you won’t get all the aspects of appearance and function that you want in one model. And with Encode being a fairly new model, for which the rollout does not seem to have included a complete set of installation and programming instructions, you are likely to be calling Schlage’s helpful customer support staff for assistance.2. The Encode Camelot lock does not appear to be available as a set with a matching Camelot latch set FE285. Such combinations are available with some other locks, along with discounts for ordering both sets of hardware together.3. Encode is similar to Schlage’s other electronic locks (Sense, Touch, Connect), but don’t be misled by this similarity. The setup is deceptively similar, but the programming instructions for those other products don’t work with Encode, nor are the instructions intuitive. It’s challenging to locate programming instructions for the Encode on Schlage’s web site. On the FAQs section of the Schlage Home app, Encode doesn’t even appear as a selection option for programming instructions.4. Encode is the only Schlage model (that I know of) that can connect to your WiFi network without the use of an external hub or WiFi adapter. That’s why I purchased it. Advantage: one less device and wireless connection to go wrong. Disadvantages: WiFi transceivers use a fair amount of power, shortening the battery life. And you can’t set up the WiFi connection unless you download and install the free Schlage Home app, or other compatible app, onto a compatible cell phone, and set up the connection using the app.5. The instructions are insufficient. My standardized door cutouts for the latch and lock matched the enclosed template, but neither the latch nor the lock was centered within their respective holes as they should have been. I had to remove material from these holes on the sides closest to the edge of the door to make room for their installations. This, despite the Encode replacing Schlage’s similar, manual latch set and lock on the same door. The biggest omission from the Quick Start Guide: WiFi is not even mentioned, let alone explained.6. The Schlage Home app’s user interface is minimalist―too much so, for me.7. Encode is available only in a limited set of finishes. For example, there was not an antique brass finish to match the Schlage interior hardware in my home. I went with the Camelot version with the Aged Bronze finish, hoping for sort of a match. This was a mistake. Aged Bronze not only is much redder than the yellowish Antique Brass―it is so dark that one can’t tell from just a few feet away whether the lock is engaged or not. Like a black hole, it simply doesn’t reflect enough light to see any detail. If I were to start the selection process again, I would go with one of the modern Encode Century designs with very visible features. They will fit any decor as well as, or better than, the option I chose.8. The Encode keypad and I still are not getting along. As with cell phone keypads, this one’s sensitivity seems to vary from one key press to the next. And when one is entering, say, the six-digit programming code (necessary for adding or deleting user codes), there is no indication of where one is in the process. If you accidentally touch a key twice in rapid succession by mistake, for example, there will be no clue that this has happened. In such situations, you’re likely to fumble for a while and finally start over (expletives deleted). You must press the exact center of a number for it to respond. Easier said than done, during a winter blast or soaking downpour, and when the keypad is somewhere around your navel’s level. I would much prefer a push-button keypad with tactile feedback whenever a key is successfully pressed, similar to a mechanical computer keyboard. Some other Schlage models have push buttons, but those models will not directly connect to a WiFi network.9. Some electronic locks accept an access code, then require the user to turn the deadbolt manually. Encode automatically moves the deadbolt without your involvement. Slick. But there is a cost. If your door is not exactly and correctly positioned, the deadbolt will rub against the strike and will not travel the required distance for the lock to be fully engaged. This reduces security, and a deadbolt rubbing against the strike plate is likely to draw more power, further reducing battery life and possibly damaging the tiny bolt motor. In the best of all possible worlds, all doors are positioned perfectly forever. In reality, even doors that are perfectly positioned at the outset are very likely to shift and rub over time, due to expansion, contraction, and warping of materials, or shifting of the house. For that reason, I prefer mechanical operation of the deadbolt. But Schlage models with that feature do not connect to WiFi directly.So, there you have it. Look at lock options carefully and choose the compromise that works bests for you.

  5. Christopher

    Super easy to install, substantial construction, easy to program, easy to set up app (Schlage Home app), easy to connect with Alexa. Can operate the lock via the keypad, the app, or Alexa. After reading some of the app reviews i was leery as the reviews seemed to be about 50/50 but my experience was seamless. I installed this on my mothers door as she is elderly, has a hard time with keys and isnt highly mobile. She can now check her Nest cam to see whos at the door and unlock the door using Alexa without having to walk across the living room. Sometimes at night she worries that she may have forgotten to lock the door. The delay lock feature is extremely useful in this case and she can always ask Alexa to lock the door if shes concerned. There is a firmware update that I intstalled immediately, perhaps this helped alleviate some of the problems I saw reported with the app. Not cheap at all but again, my experience has been excellent thus far.

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