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SUPER BRIGHT LED LIGHTING: Dimunt floor lamp living room build-in 126+28 high brightness LEDs, Up to 2350 Lumen is enough to light your living room. 34 watts LED floor light instead of halogen lamps burning 200 watts, and you don’t need to replace any bulb, very convenient and saving energy.

MOTHER DAUGHTER FLOOR LAMP: This modern floor lamp living room comes with mother daughter lamp heads with different functions. The 27W main lamp effortlessly brightens up the entire space, the 7W side lamp with flexible neck can be freely adjusted up and down within a certain distance, perfect for any task, such as reading, working or sewing.

ADJUSTABLE COLORS & BRIGHTNESS: Both of the light have 3 color temperature 3000K Warm light, 4500K Cool Light ,6000K White light ,3 colors mode which take on greater as your own characteristics choose and personality for your place. Adjustable brightness(10%-100%) can meet the demands of the changing requirement for different scene.

REMOTE CONTROL & TOUCH CONTROL: You can easily control the floor lamp living room without leaving the sofa and warm bed with the remote control, control range is about 32.8ft. You also can control it by touch switch when the remote is broken. The remote has magnets design, you can put on the lamp which find it easily.

CERTIFICATION & 3 YEARS QUALITY PROMISE: Dimunt floor lamp living room have ETL Certification, we can offers 3 YEARS QUALITY PROMISE, please contact us if you have any questions/concerns. Our customer service team will always react within 24 hours.

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Customer questions and answers about Dimunt 2 LED lights floor lamp living room

Can the small floor lamp living room be adjustable as in turn around or is it limited?

  • The small floor lamp living room is adjustable, you can turn it up or down and around. You can also turn this floor lamp living room on or off separate from the big lamp.
  • It is flexible the main lamp is stationary works well
  • Yes you can. You can rotate it to any angle you’d like

Is it with a battery in the box for the remote?

  • Yes, it comes with a 23A battery together for the remote.

Any warranty?

  • This is what they state: “CERTIFICATION & 3 YEARS QUALITY PROMISE: Dimunt floor lamp living room have ETL Certification, we can offers 3 YEARS QUALITY PROMISE, please contact us if you have any questions/concerns. Our customer service team will always react within 24 hours.” You have to contact Dimunt for further information.

Since it does not have a replaceable bulb, is it supposed to last forever? or does it burn out and you have to replace the map every so often?

  • To my understanding, the bulb is supposed to last 100,000 hours. I have 2 of them and I am not disappointed with the purchases.

Is there a timer?

  • No, there is no timer

Does the remote pair with each individual floor lamp living room? If I buy two of these will one lamp’s remove affect the other lamp?

  • Yes, the remote can pair any of this floor lamp living room

Does it work with a wall switch? any delay?

  • Mine has a one second delay between flipping the wall switch and it turning on. When turned on by the wall switch it also turns both lights on, even if they weren’t both on previously. I usually leave the reading light off, so it’s an annoyance that I have to then turn it back off with the remote or at the lamp itself. It does remember the color temp and dimming settings, so I don’t know why it can’t remember which lights were on or off.

How far is the control range of the remote?

  • You can easily control the floor lamp without leaving the sofa and warm bed with the remote control, farthest control range is about 30ft.

I need a floor lamp living room that is very bright to do my craft projects, like counted cross stitch. Do I need both lamps for this? will they be bright enough?

  • The “neck” light should provide what you need. I would use both lamps.
  • In my opinion you will want both lights on. The little one can aim directly onto your work while the larger on will light the area. Yes, they should be bright enough especially when turned to the daylight setting.
  • This floor lamp living room has three color shades and the brightness is adjustable and will get very bright so it should work.

Must two lights work at the same time?

  • No, the 27W sky LED torchiere main light and the 7W flexible neck light have different switches, you can make only one of them work according to different needs.

Is it enough lighting for reading?

  • The 7W side light is designed for reading, it’s enough brightness, you don’t need to worry about it.

How high is the reading lamp? Is it adjustable?

  • It is about 7 feet high. Height can not be adjusted. Light intensity can be increased and decreased. I bought 2 and are very satisfied with my purchase.

Will this work with an Alexa smart plug?

  • Of course, you can.

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I have been using the floor lamp living room for a week now. I thought it was time I reviewed it.

  • Main light: I hate most floor lamps. The main reason being that the light is right in your face. With this light, the main light is supposed to be faced towards the roof. This makes the light reflected and diffused, instead of direct and harsh. Makes for a very pleasant light source.
  • Smaller Light: I hate most table lamps. The main reason being that the light is right in your face. The bendable metallic neck is awesome. I set this lamp up in the corner behind my work station. So the natural position of the smaller lamp was perfect as a table lamp. I bent it in a way that the light is hovering on top of the workstation and illuminates everything from the top and the light is never in your eye-line. Makes for a very pleasant light source.
  • Remote: If you made it to this point in the review, it is not a stretch to understand that I am a lazy ass. This is just for me. I hate most remotes. The reason being that they are tiny and they get lost in the black holes of my couch. This is a thing of beauty. First of all, it has a magnet on its back. It will stick to my desk metal legs. Whoever thought of this, you are a genius. It lets you control both the lights individually. Lets you increase and decrease the brightness. Lets you change the color temperature. Once you assemble the lamp, you don’t have to touch it again (There is a sensor control on the stem of the lamp that does what the remote does. I never had to use it.)
  • Overall, I highly recommend this lamp. It is quite stylish and more importantly, utilitarian.

It’s way better than I expected.

  • My remote was not paired because I started pushing stuff as soon as I plugged it in. But I actually followed the instructions in the little booklet. Unplugged it, held the power button, plugged it back in, and it worked fine. I’ve attached a video for your viewing.
  • As you can see there are three different light settings. There’s one that imitates the light which comes in my bedroom window. And each light comes with a dimmer setting so you can adjust how bright each light is. Very impressed. I originally bought it because it would fit perfectly behind my desktop and shine light just over the desk. So I didn’t even read all the stuff it can do. I’m above content with this.
  • It comes with a registration which I will complete a little later just due to the fact that I don’t know how or if the lights can be replaced. I understand the types of lights used in this lamp last a really long time though.

I live in a loft, and can never get enough light. I purchased this floor lamp living room for my bedroom – – and I could not be happier. First of all, I love that it has a very small footprint on the floor (my space is small), but it is tall and the light is bright. Having 3 choices of color (sunlight, natural, and white) is really nice and each one creates a different mood. The extra side light will be wonderful for reading. Also, the various settings of brightness is great.
I ordered it yesterday, and received it today. It was very nicely packaged and extremely easy to put together. This has a clean, modern, minimalist look. Oh, and the remote control has a magnet, which is perfect for me! I am ordering another one tomorrow.

I’m a sales professional with years of experience working from home 10 hours a day on two PCs, so I’m a pretty good judge of what’s needed to make work life easier. I ordered this floor lamp living room to replace two desk lamps that cluttered my workspace while creating glare in my face and not providing good ambient light. I received and assembled the lamp 2 days ago, and am thrilled at the end result! Assembly was easy, requiring no tools, helper or special skills. The top lamp provides excellent, comfortable ambient light eliminating dark spots on my desktop, and the fact that it can be aimed makes it easy to adjust the lighting area. This is especially important for Zoom calls where you want your face to be free from shadows! The side mounted reading lamp is aimed at the central area of my main workspace to provide extra illumination as needed – also adjustable. The remote control gives me easy access to on/off, brightness and color temperature for each of the two lamps individually. Now my workspace is well lit, with no glare and no desk lamps cluttering things up. Absolutely love this product!!!

Was not sure what to expect when I ordered this floor lamp living room but Wow! I love it. I love that when I have it on the daylight mode it feels like I have a huge skylight installed about me. The added plus is that you can adjust the brightness and the remote and built in sensor on the lamp operate the 2 lamps separately. Love this one so much I am going to get another one for my living room and I may just get one for a friend of mine who has an apartment that is rather dark. I think it would help her out.

We converted the playroom into a First Grade Zoom Classroom. When I sat in the comfy chair while JJ was in “class”, I couldn’t get good light to read. The whole room needed brightening also. So….searched a long time to find an uplight with a reading light arm…this one is really excellent. The price is at the bottom of the range for this type of lamp, so I didn’t know what to expect. Main concern: would this inexpensive lamp want to tip over on carpet? Answer: its surprisingly stable because the base is heavily weighted! The remote control makes me shake my head in amazement. The quality of the whole thing is excellent, i chose well! I give this lamp A+ both for First Grade and the parent 🙂

This floor lamp living room is amazing! You can adjust the lights to point at different angles, you can choose between 3 light colors (warm yellow, white and a white blue) and you can choose how bright you want it. You can set all of this for each lamp, the big one and the small one, and the remote control makes it perfect for a bedroom lamp.
I have a regular bulb floor lamp and this one is even brighter with the dimming set to 100%, so it can really light up a big size room, I really recommend it!

I thought all lights were created equal but I was wrong. Also for the price I thought – why is this light $60? But now I get it. It was easy to assemble, it came with the battery for the remote, it’s so easy to use, it’s very bright and you can adjust the brightness and the light temperature. This is so so worth the money. I installed this and a different desk lamp in one sitting and I was amazed how simple this one was and how NOT simple the desk lamp was. The existing floor lamp living room will be trashed because it pales in comparison and I’m so happy I don’t have to use it anymore! Now I’m left here thinking where else can I put one of these lights in my new home.




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