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  • Alexa and Google Assistant-Enabled
  • Practical Design
  • Easy to Use
  • Over 100 Recipes
  • 85% less oil
  • Cook Faster
  • Large Dishwasher-Safe Basket
  • Automatic Shutoff and Overheat Protection
  • Requires a 2.4GHz WiFi network to operate with the VeSync app
  • COSORI Smart WIFI Air Fryer


COSORI Smart WIFI Air Fryer

The COSORI smart WIFI air fryer, VeSync Pro has arrived on the Kitchen scene. With the Smart feature, COSORI smart WiFi air fryer is taking your meal preparation to new levels of convenience.

Alexa and Google Assistant-Enabled: Remotely control your fryer through the VeSync app or voice commands with Alexa or Google Assistant. Enjoy adjusting and monitoring the cooking progress of your meals remotely.

Practical Design: The special improved ergonomic angled display provides better viewing, without bending over. Slimmer footprint fits on your countertop and saves your space.

Easy to Use: Cook your favorites using 11 built-in,

one-touch presets: Steak, Poultry, Seafood, French Fries, Vegetables, Desserts, and more options. Uses preset manually, or pick a recipe in the app and the settings will automatically adjust.

Over 100 Recipes: Find over 100 original pre-programmed recipes in the VeSync app to get you started, with new recipes being added weekly. Find even more recipes from Cosori users themselves in our online community.

Want to eat healthily, or give the gift of healthier eating? Give the gift of 85% less oil, with fewer “deep-fried” odors lingering in the kitchen. 

Cook Faster: Cook your meals in less time than it would take in a conventional oven, but with crispier and tastier results. To find additional and replacement accessories for your air fryer, search for C158-6AC and C158-FB.

Large Dishwasher-Safe Basket: Our 5.8-qt square basket can fit an entire 6 lb rotisserie chicken or make enough food for 3–5 people. The nonstick basket is removable and dishwasher safe, made with PFOA-free and BPA-free basket materials.

Constructed with safety in mind, the air fryer is ETL listed and with Automatic Shutoff and Overheat Protection features. The cool-touch handle and button guard prevents accidental detachment and touching of hot surfaces.

Requirements: This COSORI smart wifi air fryer requires a 2.4GHz WiFi network to operate with the VeSync app. The fryer can only be used with a voltage of AC 120V, 60Hz, which only applies in the US and Canada;

California Roots: Based in California, COSORI is proud to call the Golden State our home.

COSORI smart wifi air fryer brings convenience into your kitchen with 3-way control.

  • Voice Control: Enjoy hands-free control by pairing your Smart Air Fryer to Alexa or Google Assistant Through VeSync.
  • Smart Control: Connect the air fryer to the free VeSync app to remotely monitor the cooking process, no matter where you are.
  • Manual Control: with 13 cooking functions that include 11 presets, keep warm, and pre-heat, you can easily find the perfect way to cook your meal.
    • Keep warm: Keep food warm while you finish up other tasks.
    • Preheat: preheating is an advanced air fryer feature which visibly improves food texture.
    • Shake: The helpful shake reminder less you know when it is time to shake to food in the baskets.
    • Automatic safety: The air fryer will pause cooking automatically when the baskets are removed, and will turn the display off until the baskets are replaced.

Explore, save, and customize recipes in the VeSync app.

Recipes for every craving: Browse over 100 COSORI Chef-created recipes in the VeSync app. Recipes are added and updated every month for continuous inspiration

  • Explore included recipes: Discover, customize and save COSORI Chef-created recipes in the VeSync app.
  • Bookmark your favorites: Found a recipe you love? Mark it as a favorite so you can quickly find it again.
  • View cooking history: Keep track of the delicious meals you cook in your VeSync account.
  • Save Custom recipes: Easily adjust recipes to your liking and save the changes.

Brand: COSORI.

Model name: Smart WiFi Air Fryer 5.8QT(100 Recipes) VeSync Pro CS158-AF.

Capacity: 5.8 QT.

Colors: WIFI Black / Digital Black / Digital Burgundy Red / Digital Creamy White.

Item dimensions: 11.8 (L)x 14.3(W) x 12.7(H) inches.

COSORI Smart WIFI Air Fryer


Why the COSORI Smart WIFI Air Fryer?

Included recipes: Need inspiration? Browse COSORI Chef-created recipes in the VeSync app.

Convenient cooking: With 100+ pre-programmed in-app recipes and more recipes added every month, quick and delicious meals are easy to find.

Smart control: Receive air fryer notifications and reminders on your smartphone and connect to third-party voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant.

Customizable creativity: Modify and save preset settings and create your own recipes in the VeSync app.

Continuous benefits: We are always working hard to improve and enhance the VeSync app experience.

COSORI Smart WIFI Air Fryer



Reviews about COSORI Smart WIFI Air Fryer VeSync Pro CS158-AF

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COSORI Smart WIFI Air Fryer



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COSORI Smart WIFI Air Fryer



9 reviews for COSORI smart wifi air fryer one of best 5

  1. Steve

    If you havnt tried an air fryer yet, youre missing out. I went with this brand because it looks modern not egg shaped and most other brands had issues with the basket rusting or flaking off with time. This one doesnt seem like it will have that issue if cleaned correctly.

  2. Mark Campbell

    Excellent for simple chicken, fries, bacon…I wanted to address the plastic smell. I have none …period. I did notice that when new that there is a thin foam pad glue between the basket and carrier. If this appliance is used without noticing the foam…yeah you are going to smell plastic. Just a thought

  3. Robert

    It was promptly delivered today. We made our first meal, A boneless ribeye steak with mushrooms, Onion rings, and green beans. The steak was delicious and perfectly cooked using the preset button as well as the onion rings (which were extra crispy). This product has definitely exceeded my expectations. I recommend this.

  4. Michael J. Gillean

    This is my second one, Amazon replaced the first. They both stunk up the whole house BEFORE any food was put in. I ran the 1st one 10 times at 400 degrees and 30 minutes. Got better, but still stunk. 2nd one, I put it outside for same 30 min, still smelled, the in garage for another 30 min, stunk up garage, than put in bedroom for another 30 min, but stopped in 10 minutes to air out the room. Sent it back. Called the seller after my experience with both, of course they never heard of the problem before. My wife refuses to let me bring it in the house, much less eat any food cooked in it. Since then , I have read MANY reviews of other fryers, and it seems this is a problem with most of them. I don’t know how they can sell these products, even though some people claim they cannot smell any plastic. Too bad, I was really excited to find these things, and this product’s 4.7 with 262 ratings are hard to come by on Amazon. I might try a Bagotte fryer with 4.9 with 132 reviews, but $130, or a Simpletaste with a 5 star rating, albeit only 16 reviews, but only $70, slightly smaller, 3.2 quarts so accessories might be hard to find. However, this will be my last try for an air fryer if the burnt plastic smell persists.UPDATE!! I received another unit from a different source., and this one is better. It had the plastic smell initally, but seemed to dissipate after 8 hours at 400 degrees. There is some smell, but may completely go away after some more use. Once food is put in and cooking commences, the plastic odor is covered by the cooking food smell, and I have found no plastic taste. I think that others who report no plastic odor have immediately cooked foods, so the plastic smell is not apparent. The first 2 units, and this one, stunk immediately on 5 minute preheat, but this one does not after the 8 hour burn-in. The functioning of the unit is great, I gave 4 stars because of the plastic smell, otherwise it would be 5. As mentioned before, the amazing Customer Service at Cosori gets 5+ stars!UPDATE The new one from the Manufacturer, received in Feburary 2019, has functioned properly, and the plastic smell has gone away. Since my review, I see many more reviewers that complained about the plastic smell and taste. Some do work, eventually.

  5. Jeff Handley

    Joking aside, this is the best Christmas present I have ever bought myself! Being single I opted for the smaller one and absolutely love it. I ordered the companion accessories based on another review on here and am so glad I did. I have been making egg bites every morning trying different recipes I have dreamt up, like cream cheese and bacon with shredded parmesan cheese on top baked at 380 degrees for 10 minutes. I also love buying all those frozen goodies at Costco like “pigs in a blanket” and mini tacos. Obviously this will be great for parties, but it’s also great just for me.

  6. kels

    The aesthetic looks great.The size is not as bulky as I expected.The cooking noise level is pretty quite.The foods came out delicious.I do wish I got the 5.8 qt machine, the larger cooking basket would’ve been more ideal for me.Attn: Product Engineer/ Designer: The button for the removing and putting in the cooking basket is too deep in and not very user friendly. Especially for me, because I have longer nails and I literally had to use a pen to press it. But it’s very dangerous when it’s hot. If there’s a trick to easily remove and put back the basket, please share.

  7. Colorgirl

    WARNING- This is an in depth review for those wanting to make an informed buying decision. If you prefer a brief summary, see the section marked THE BOTTOM LINE————————————I have tested products over the years and had opportunities to use products of all sorts. As time has gone on, I have seen the overall effort put into products go way down. Most of the time you are lucky to get ANY instructions, and packaging is minimal in so many cases. This air fryer, however, is a jewel that comes only once in a great while. Let’s take a look.WHAT IS THIS AIR FRYER LIKE?I have to say this package that this company put together is one of the most impressive packages I have seen for a product in a long time. Not only is the unit itself impressive, very well labeled and protected, but the box is beautifully designed. I am going to break down the items to make this review easier to read.BOXVery well designed with a handle on top. The box is labeled well with attractive presentationINSTRUCTION MANUALThis manual is very well laid out and easy to follow and understand.COOKBOOKThe cookbook that comes with this is fantastic. Photos are beautiful, recipes are well laid out, and the overall quality of recipes is fantastic.AIRFRYERLet’s take a look at the air fryer itself.LABELEDThis air fryer comes with peel off cling on plastic. All of the things you need to know to be careful of are clearly marked. They are easy to remove with no residue left.FRONT PANELThe front panel is well lit when it is on- it is a sealed front panel. When you plug in this unit, the front power button is the only thing that lights up on the front panel- the rest stays dark. Then when you turn that on, the whole panel lights up. There is individual setting capabilities for any temperature and time that you like. There are also a large number of presets. That means you can choose what you want to make, press the button, the temperature sets itself, and you can adjust the time. There is also a preset for preheating which is wonderful.PLUGThe cord and plug for this is rather short. It measures about 40 inches from the unit to the plug. That means that wherever you set this up, you have to have a plug rather nearby.BASKETThe basket has a button and a slider on it. The button allows the basket to be held together with the base tray so that when you want to dump out fries or other things from the basket, the bottom won’t fall out. Then the slider is to help remove the basket from the unit when you want to shake the food or when the food is done. The basket is easily cleaned and is very well laid out.HOW DID THIS UNIT PERFORM?OMG my family has gone NUTS over this unit. The other unit we have is larger- it has more like 6qt capacity, but it is larger and more shaped like an egg. It is more manual with no digital presets or aids. This one, however, had everyone literally standing around it like a main attraction each time we used it. The motor/fan sounds more powerful and well made compared to others we have all used. Let me break this down..WHAT WE MADEWe made fries, chicken drumsticks, fried tofu, and quartered potatoes in this unit so far. EVERY SINGLE RECIPE IN THE BOOK THAT WE USED WAS FANTASTIC. That rarely happens. Usually we have to adjust and alter things when we make them. Each item we made was perfection.DID WE HAVE TO CHANGE ANY SETTINGS?All of the time and temperature settings given in the recipe book were very accurate. We only had to adjust time by about five minutes maximum.WHAT WAS MOST IMPRESSIVE?We made that fried tofu- marinate, coat with tapioca flour, air fry. I have to say we all were stunned at how perfect it was. It was better than anything we have ever had at any Asian restaurant (meaning the really good ones).CLEAN UPThis is very easy to clean. I HIGHLY encourage you to avoid the dishwasher if you want this to last.STORAGE?Because of its square-ish footprint, this is much easier to store than the round one. It looks better and fits better on the shelf. The footprint is only about 10 inches by 9 inches approx.CUSTOMER SERVICE ATTITUDEI have had to deal with many customer service departments over the last year or so and more and more I am having difficulty with companies who make you feel like all of the pressure is on YOU for what they sell. This company has a super attitude. They seem to go overboard to make you feel like you are welcome to call them and ask them for help or advice any time they are open. THAT is also impressive.THE BOTTOM LINEFor a beautifully designed unit, fantastic package of books, manuals and presentation, and a product that seems to work very well, this is a fabulous choice not only to purchase for yourself, but to give as a gift. Despite the smaller capacity than our other unit, we have found we could make plenty of food quickly and beautifully.MY RATINGOne of the most impressive things I have seen in a while. FIVE STARS. I am serious when I say that the team that put together this package of air fryer and books is very good at what they do. They seem to understand us as customers- at least our family.

  8. Donna

    I just got this air fryer after deciding for a long time whether I really needed an air fryer at all. I have so many other kitchen appliances and was afraid to invest in an air fryer because I thought it might end up with other appliances that I didn’t use after purchase. I chose the Cosori brand because I’ve had a Cosori pressure cooker for a long time, use it almost every day and love it. When I first got the pressure cooker, I had a couple of questions about it and found this company’s customer service very responsive.I started my air fryer adventure with chicken wings and french fries. The wings turned out tasty, extremely crispy, better than carry out and soooooo delicious covered with a simple store-bought BBQ sauce. The fries need work and did not live up to my expectations. I’ve ordered a separate air fryer recipe book which will be delivered tomorrow and I’ll try the fries again.The recipe book that came with this air fryer is 112 pages and much better than most recipe books you find with other appliances. It is printed on heavyweight paper with one recipe per page and each has a beautiful photo of the finished dish. Recipes are divided into sections: Breakfast, Entrees, Appetizers, Sides and Desserts…something for everyone and every occasion. Even though my diet consists of eating a little chicken and fish and no other meat, there are many recipes I will try because they are not all meat recipes. How do Strawberry Cream Scones, Lemon Butter Salmon, Garlic & Herb Chicken Skewers, Blooming Onion, and Banana Nut Bread sound? They are all in the book. There is also a separate well thought out and comprehensive User Manual plus quick start Reference Guide.This air fryer is easy to use and clean and I like the different shape because it’s not the typical egg shape. It is a lovely appliance with a digital display and 11 presets for times and temperatures. I’ve already joined the CosoriCooks Facebook group and hope to learn lots of tips and share recipes.If you are thinking about getting an air fryer, definitely consider the Cosori, you’ll be glad you did.

  9. Peter T.

    I bought this air fryer because I heard that it makes food that is more healthy as compared to frying it in oil. The fryer is larger than I expected and it takes up more room but it does it’s job and works well.

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