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  • Starry Sky Night Light Projector
  • 9 Dreamy Color Modes
  • Moon and Star Night Light
  • New Generation LED Beads
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All about floor lamp in bedroom Fortally Kids Night Light 360

Starry Sky Night Light Projector: This is a new popular cosmos Star Projector lamp, it can help you put the universe back home, fill your room with stars and moonlight, so that you feel as if you were laying under the stars! Give your baby a piece of the sky changes color, without need for hard to find the field, enjoy the colorful starry light with your kids and let them close to the starry sky, helping to develop their talent and creativity.

9 Dreamy Color Modes: 4 pieces of LED beads with warm yellow, blue, red, green and multi-color that provide 9 unique modes of light operation. Rotating its base without any noise, there will be different colorful space, find the constellation that you belong to it.

Moon and Star Night Light: If your kid is afraid of the dark, this star night light will be a perfect addition to a child’s bedroom. The night light for kids has a soft light so that you can sleep with it on and it won’t bother you.

New Generation LED Beads: The higher power beads which could be brighter and more beautiful. The lighting range also bigger than the old one. Power supply of two ways – 4 x AAA Batteries or USB cable connect to the electric.

Best Presents: Place and open the star night light in a kid’s bedroom or anywhere else you’d like to enjoy colorful projected stars like decorating festivals, weddings, birthdays and parties. Send it as a present to a friend or a child, they are sure to fall in love with it!

Star Projector: Make room full of stars and moon, kids will sleep sweetly in starry sky.The vivid starry sky helps to develop kid’s talent and creativity. As a gift for your kids and turn it on – Kids are first awestruck by this fantastic display and then clapping and cheering are sure to follow!

Warm Night Light: The best night light for children to keep them feeling safe at night.Comes with a removable plastic white cover, you can make it worked as a night light, let the children no longer fear the darkness of the night, and let you rest in peace.

Party Decorations: Ideal product for decorating wedding, birthday and parties. As a romantic night lamp and decoration light, How great it is! It can give you very romantic night, full of poetic.

Great Gifts for Children: Create a wonderful and starry atmosphere for children, which help them to know difference colors and stimulate their curiosity, imagination and creativity.

Three Models:

  • Model A: The Nightlight light (warm light), press A again would shut off Model A.
  • Model B: Switch between different light colors (monochrome light or colorful light overlay). Note: Press B 9 times in a row, The model B would shut off.
  • Model C: It is the rotary switch (rotate or not rotate freely chosen) Note: Press C again would shut off the rotation.

Power Supply Mode

  1. Insert 4*AAA batteries into the battery holder with the correct polarity, then recover the battery cover.
  2. Use it as a lamp, you need to put the lid on, if you want it to be a projector, just take off the lid. After removing cover, it can project a magic star sky on the ceiling.
  3. Please note that the USB cable and the batteries can not be used at the same time.


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Customer questions and answers about floor lamp in bedroom Fortally Kids Night Light 360

How do you turn this floor lamp in bedroom night light off? Do you take out the batteries? Is there some kind of switch?

  • There is a button on the base that will turn it off. Or u can unplug the cord from the base like I do.

Does this floor lamp in bedroom rotate automatically?

  • You can choose if you want it to rotate, I think it would be the third button letter C, if I’m not mistaken.
  • Yes! There’s a button that controls the rotation. It can turn on or off

Can I use this baby night light, floor lamp in bedroom, just with batteries? Do not want a cord in my toddler room.

  • It does work with batteries! And the thing on the bottom that holds the batteries screws in so you don’t have to worry about your toddler opening it.

Is this floor lamp in bedroom safe to stay on all night?

  • Yes, we’ve had this for years now, on every night. If you wanted though, get a smart plug to control turning it on (“A mode” only) and off.
  • We’ve had it on all night and have had no issues but I don’t know if the instructions warn against it or not.
  • Yes, I use it every night all night. I haven’t had problems with it being in all night.
  • Yes we use both ours all night and never have had a problem.

Can I mount/hang this floor lamp in bedroom star projector on the wall?

  • The unit requires a shelf to sit on. You might consider mounting a shelf of the wall for the light to sit on.

Does this floor lamp in bedroom baby night light the whole room ceiling?

  • Dear customer, it depends on the size of the room, pretty much. With all the different colors it’s really pretty and soothing for their night time.

How long is the cord of this floor lamp in bedroom star night light?

  • It’s 6 feet long, the typical length, not too long or too short.

Does this floor lamp in bedroom projector light come with batteries?

  • Dear customer. No, it only comes with a USB cable, but you can also power it with 4 AAA batteries.

Is this quiet when in use? Any noise at all?

  • Dear buyers. The only noise you can hear is if the rotate mode is on. Just a slight machine/humming noise but not enough to keep any one from sleeping.

Does this floor lamp in bedroom star night light stay on all night or does it automatically shut off?

  • Dear customer. It stays on all night or until you shut it off. There is no automatic shut off or timer. On or Off depends on you.


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Best reviews to talk about floor lamp in bedroom Fortally Kids Night Light 360

Just received this floor lamp in bedroom night light today, and was very excited to try it out in my son’s room. The functions are very simply and straight forward, easy to understand with instructions as well. The floor lamp in bedroom is very bright with the opaque shell off of it. The stars are very vivid and there are many color combinations to choose from. The lamp also came with the option of using the attached usb cord or installing 4 AAA batteries within. My son was just in awe of the stars and moon, especially with the rotation mode. I am very satisfied with this purchase, and the awesome price!

Update: About 17 days after I received the floor lamp in bedroom nightlight, with continual use and love, my boys adore this thing… The color change function stopped working. I contacted Fortally, and they immediately sent me a replacement I am thrilled with their customer service! Great company to do business with!

My daughter is terrified of the dark, and we have really been struggling getting her to sleep in her own room/bed. She loves the stars and outer space so we decided to purchase this floor lamp in bedroom night light. It doesn’t make any noise and is not too bright that it would keep her up all night. I’m happy to say that she slept in her own room last night! I would buy this all over again and would gift it to others with small kids as well. My sister said she’d would even like one for her own room. Awesome product!
I purchased this floor lamp in bedroom for my son who is fascinated by stars, moon but he is also afraid of the dark. This floor lamp in bedroom was a big hit. He loves it. It’s quiet when it rotates, and it turns slowly. It has few color combinations so we use different every night. It’s bright enough to light up the room but he still has no problem falling asleep with that amount of light. We love it.

This little floor lamp in bedroom light is amazing, like any projector you have to know where to place it in order to get the best out of it. With that being said, my kids absolutely loved their night lamp, they were so amazed and the fact that it rotates made it extra cool for them. It has different color options and the best part is that you could use it as the projector or just a simple night light. You must read the instructions to learn how to turn it off, nothing difficult just a 3 second hold on the “B” button. If your kids are like mine and love stars this is a must buy it’s so pretty. My kids have been looking forward to the night, we even have dance parties.

We bought this for our upcoming baby, hoping the changing lights will entertain and sooth the little one. We received the product of floor lamp in bedroom last week and just tried it out. It has 4 different colors (yellow, blue, green, red) and you can choose any combination of them (e.g. red+yellow, blue+red+green), which is super fun for kids. The moon and star can move over the ceiling, but if it makes you dizzy, simply switch to the other mode so they stop moving. Will recommend this product, especially bringing fun to kids.

I really like this floor lamp in bedroom product and I feel like it is a great deal for the price! The light provides several different settings of color, movement and display. You can choose to leave the cover on for a more ambient display or take it off for a more vivid and defined starlight display. I got it for my son but I feel like I am going to get more use out of it than he will!! I also liked the fact that it is plastic and the dome is pliable. So when I do finally give my son an opportunity to use it I won’t have to worry about him dropping or breaking it because it’s a pretty durable product. Overall, I am very happy with this product and for those of you who cannot afford a more expensive $50 LED laser light display this is a great compromise. You still get a good quality product and display as well as a more than reasonable price! I give it three thumbs up! Thank you guys!

I got this as a surprise for my 5-year old son so if he wakes up at night feeling scared he’d soon forget it once he sees all the stars in his room. It was a hit especially when the stars started “moving”. He was just mesmerized! For the price and the amount of happiness this little night light brings, this was a good buy. I should have bought it sooner.

We’ve only had this a few days so time will tell if this floor lamp in bedroom will hold up to daily use. As a side note, I just wanted to inform buyers that the spinning stars personally made me dizzy to the point that I get a headache after a few minutes of looking at the moving stars. But this product is not for me anyway and my son is perfectly fine staring at it so it’s all good. This actually made our bedtime routine shorter because now I have very a valid reason to say “ok, mommy needs to leave your room now so I don’t get a headache and you can turn on your night light. Good night!” LOL!!!

I ordered this for my 3 1/2 year old boy and he loves it for bedtime! We leave it on all night for a night light and it is perfect. He loves pushing the buttons to change the colors. The only things I don’t like is how loud the buttons are to push to change a setting. It’s loud when my son is sleeping and I want to stop rotation or something else. Also the dome with the stars on it is very soft to touch and my baby girl found it and was pushing it in denting it, I was able to get it back out but it can not be touched by children because they will be to rough on the soft cover. However there is a hard dome cover that blocks the stars and makes a night light without the stars and that is hard enough to protect the dome inside with stars on it.
Still a great star night light even with these, it just needs to be kept out of reach or little ones 🙂




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