Great floor lamp multiple heads Nintiue 3 teardrop cages

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  • Updated Step-less Dimming( 0-100% ) floor lamp multiple heads
  • Elegant Appearance
  • Industrial floor lamp multiple heads
  • 3 x 800 lumens LED Bulbs Included
  • Great Choice for Different Home Decors
  • Slim Size Save Your Space
  • Soft Lighting Care for Your Eyes
  • 36 months warranty


All about floor lamp multiple heads Nintiue 3 teardrop cages

Updated Stepless Dimming( 0-100% ) floor lamp multiple heads: Unlike the traditional non-dimmable floor lamps for living room, our dimmable floor lamp multiple heads is fully Stepless Dimmable. Just simply twist it and then you can adjust the industrial floor lamp in the brightness range of 0 to 100% according to the needs of different scenes. Perfect for general indoor areas which including Dining room, Living Room, Bedrooms, Office, Kitchen, Corridor, Cafe, Basement, Bar, Club, Restaurant, Library and Reading Room.

Elegant Appearance: With design of the elegant, simple black metallic construction make the tall tree floor lamp multiple heads well matched to styles of industrial, vintage and farmhouse furniture. The special birdcage lampshade makes it ideal for multiple styles of decoration, such as minimalist, industrial and mid-century. The multi-head design cage shade lampshade brings soft warm light you need and adds decorative effect to your room.

Industrial floor lamp multiple heads: This standing floor lamp multiple heads for living room with Metal Base diameter 9.8 inches. 6.17ft/1.88 meters long power cord makes it easy to put your LED floor lamp anywhere. The farmhouse floor lamp multiple heads is specially built with a heavy, stable base and lamp pole to ensure it keep standing steadily even on the carpet. Strong holding pole, No Bending No Leaning. Sturdy Pole Heavy Base Stable & Firm.

3 x 800 lumens LED Bulbs Included: Our floor lamp multiple heads are designed with 3 E26 lamp holders. Compatible with a variety of normal E26 LED, CFL, incandescent and halogen bulbs etc(Dimmable Bulb Only). This set comes with an E26 base bulb, 25,000 hour bulb life, 6W(60W equivalent), 800 lumens, 2700K (warmwhite), No flicker or buzzing.

Great Choice for Different Home Decors: Classic All-black Construction decorated with elegant teardrop cage lampshade, has a minimalist design that looks great in a variety of decors including vintage, contemporary, industrial, traditional, farmhouse, furnishing styles etc. Be the focal point of any room.

Slim Size Save Your Space: This floor lamp multiple heads with slim size makes it a great fixture behind the couch, book lamp, bookshelf, windows. Enjoy your novel on the sofa or your favorite armchair.

Soft Lighting Care for Your Eyes: The multi-head design provides a great solution to the harsh brightness of traditional fixtures, providing a comfortable, relaxing, soft lighting for you and your family. No flicker or strobe, zero harsh glares, no buzz, protects their eyesight very well.

36 MONTHS WARRANTY: We proudly stand behind all of our products 100%, which is why we offer a full 36 months warranty. The package includes everything needed for assembly; no other tools needed for installation! If your lamp has any defect or stops working within 3 years, we help you troubleshoot or send a whole new product. ( If you have any problems with our standing lamp, please be sure to let us know and we will reach you at the soonest and help you)

floor lamp multiple heads



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floor lamp multiple heads



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floor lamp multiple heads



Customer questions and answers about floor lamp multiple heads Nintiue 3 teardrop cages

Is this floor lamp multiple heads difficult to install?

  • Not at all. Following the attached detailed instructions, the installation was done quickly.

Can I use grow light bulbs with this?

  • I kept the same light bulbs, I want to
    Say on the box owners the bulbs came in, it says to use that type. Hope this helps.
  • No it’s not designed to accept a light bulb of that size.
    It can only handle very small lights.

Does it heat up the area?

  • No it’s just a regular lamp that illuminates the area I placed it in.
  • No, it does not heat.
  • It does not, comes with LED bulbs.

Can I use a white bulb in this lamp? with the dimmable feature?

  • Yes, you can use a white dimmable bulb in this lamp because this is a dimmable floor lamp.

Does this light have a dimmer?

  • Yes, this dimmable floor lamp multiple heads is equipped with rotary switch and dimmable led bulbs, you can simply rotate the switch to change the brightness from 0-100%.

Can this industrial floor lamp multiple heads stand on the carpet? Will it shake?

  • Yes, the base and the lamp pole is heavy enough to keep it stable on the carpet.

I have a large living room with 23 foot ceilings which is quite dark at night, does it good for it? Is it bright enough?

  • It’s bright but I don’t know about with that tall of ceilings. It’s also shorter than I thought so if that doesn’t bother you. It is a bright light but just questioning the height of your ceiling if it would work for you. I hope this helps
  • Depends – If you mean bright enough not to trip on things and have some general light, then yes. If you mean bright enough to read on the other side of a large room, I would recommend multiple fixtures.

Would this floor lamp multiple heads have good lighting for doing your hair and make-up? I have a vanity in the dark corner of the room& looking for good lamp lighting.

  • As much as I love the lamp, to answer your question, NO. The lighting is not what you need for that. Check out the huge selection of makeup mirrors. I was amazed at the options available in those nowadays. Wow! I’m sure you will find something there to meet your needs when doing your hair and makeup. I did.
  • No you would have to buy different light bulbs The ones included with order give off a yellow tint not bright at all. We had to change out bulbs to give us decent lighting in living room

How sturdy is this floor lamp multiple heads? These types of lamps, the multi-piece pole, seems to be less than sturdy.

  • This lamp is very sturdy. The only issue I had was when I received it, a fixing ring was missing so I could only use 2 out of 3 lamp shades. No response from the seller to fix this issue.
  • I think it is sturdy. I have it in the corner behind the sofa.
  • We were worried about the same thing but this one seems to be pretty sturdy
  • It’s light weight but sturdy. I think it’s perfect. Definitely recommend



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PERFECT! And I don’t say that often! This is the right size to finish this almost-corner of my room. And it’s the look I was going for.
NOW to those of you who gave this great lamp FIVE STARS for assembly…YOU’RE OUTTA YOUR MIND!! I suppose it really is easy if you’re not disabled as I am and you’re OK with lifting weights. This rates heavy in my book. Even if I was more physically able, I have another deep rooted handicap to deal with… I’M ALLERGIC TO INSTRUCTIONS!! If you have no similar maladies, GO FOR IT! I took a couple of pics so you can verify that IT IS DIMMABLE, which earns 5 stars by itself. I’m off now to decide on a white floor lamp for my bedroom. There’s a ton of classy looking and well priced ones. TADA.I’M GOING SHOPPING!

I’m still very happy with this floor lamp multiple heads. Bright, but not glaringly bright luminescence, esthetically pleasing, well made and extremely easy assembly. (Tip: Per instructions, assemble from top down, not base up.) And be sure to remove the plastic rings around the top of each section of the pole. Five minutes tops!

I ordered two of these lamps at a discount price. I had to order 1 at a time in different orders to get the money off of each but it was well worth it. These floor lamp multiple heads arrived to my house quickly a day apart, well packaged and no damage to the lights. My husband put them together without any problem. The only thing we found wrong was a little dent in the base part of one lamp but not a deal breaker. The dimmer on the lamp is definitely needed as the bulb that comes with the lamp is very bright. We dim them after eating dinner and getting ready to watch TV. It gives the room a beautiful cozy feel. I would definitely purchase them again!!! They would work in any room and make the room inviting.

Absolutely love these floor lamp multiple heads!! I cant believe how much they light up the room! Great product

I wasn’t sure I’d like this lamp but I love it. I love that it is dimmable, that the bulbs cast a soft glow, and just how cool it looks. It was fairly easy to put together, although the instructions don’t tell you to remove the little C shaped washers on one end of each of the sections. Kind had to figure that one out myself. I’m very close to ordering a 2nd one for the other end of my couch. Highly recommend.

Very cute and sturdy dimmable lamp. Just turning it on barely is about where I would think most people would use it. I was afraid our cat would attempt to jump on it, but so far he’s not interested. It’s very sturdy and doesn’t feel like it can be knocked over easily. The cords that the lights dangle from were curved from packing but straightened out after maybe a day.

Really like this lamp. It’s different and lends a sort of steampunk vibe to my decor. It’s very sturdy with a heavy base so there’s no “tipsy” to deal with. Very straightforward easy assembly. Love the Edison bulbs which are included and the dimmable feature. Even the lowest setting gives quite a lot of brightness. Good purchase at a reasonable price.

Perfect light for additional lighting in our living room. Love the heavy base and being able to dim the lights. Easy assemble as well.

The lamp is a little shorter than I expected (I didn’t inspect the dimensions) but it works great for our reading corner. I chose the dimmable version of this lamp because I read all the review about its brightness. The lack of actual shades does make this lamp incredibly bright but we really like it, especially when being purchased with a discount.

Beautiful lamp for our farmhouse look I did have to go out and purchase different lightbulbs as the lightbulbs that came with it were a yellowish tint and I needed some thing brighter more But love the look

Love this so much, I purchased 2. Gave my living room a cool look. Not at all industrial at all. I have the dimmer switch on low in the first picture. They turn up really bright

I had to replace a floor lamp and wanted something different in my living room. I absolutely love this lamp. Very easy to assemble once you figure out that you need to remove the plastic rings at the end of the pieces so you can screw them together. Very well made with a heavy base so it won’t tip over.

Had a dark corner and this fit the need perfectly. You can dim it or make it brighter which is a wonderful upgrade from the lamp I had previously. It goes together easily (just remove those little plastic bits on the sockets) everything was well packaged and padded to avoid breakage. Also nice they included the light bulbs. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy from this company again.

We use it for lighting in our living room. We especially like that we are able to dim it as needed.

At first I didn’t think I’d like this lamp, but we have gotten so many compliments on it. The only thing to consider is that it’ not extremely tall. We put ours on some retro wooden milk crates and it’s perfect. We use the milk crates for all kinds of useful ‘cubby holes’, decorations, etc. Well made and a great addition.

I really loved this floor lamp multiple heads when it came in — free dimmable bulbs, too! It’s important to read the manual regarding the wattage this lamp can handle so it doesn’t malfunction. Though a bit tedious to put together, was extremely simple. Beautiful, modern looking, and functional!

I love it everyone comes over telling me its cute. Love the brightness adjustment. It is really easy to put together no instructions needed although it came with. I had it set up in all of 3 mins. Its worth the little money! Disregard the background I am shopping and redecorating but this was a nice addition to my living room.




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