Great Addlon LED 3 tier floor lamp for bedroom

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  • Triple Storage Space
  • 50,000hrs LED Bulb
  • Quality Lampshade with Soft Light
  • Three Color for Choice
  • Pull-chain Switch
  • Fabric Lampshade
  • Addlon’s 3 Year Product Support
  • 15 mins Easy Installation
  • Floor lamp for bedroom


All about Addlon LED 3 tier floor lamp for bedroom

Triple Storage Space: Addlon Shelf floor lamp for bedroom with 3 tiers storage space, each board use high-density fiber material, which loads 50 pounds max. You can put photo frame, plants, books, or any items on it. Also, the lamps self is heavy enough to avoid fall down.

50,000hrs LED Bulb: The shelf floor lamp for bedroom comes with one 2700K LED bulb, which can provide 50,000hrs service life. It means you do not need change bulb for many years. Also, the LED bulb saves 50% electric bill per year than normal incandescent bulbs.

Quality Lampshade with Soft Light: We provide a beautiful lampshade, it makes of high-quality fabric. The lighting through the lampshade becomes soft and gentle, which creates a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in the night.

15 mins Easy Installation: We provide detailed manual. This floor lamp for bedroom is easy to install, normally can finish by one person. The floor lamp for bedroom decors not only bedroom, but also your living room, bedroom, office or any home corner, its simple and quadrate design suit for all furnishing style.

Addlon’s 3 Year Product Support: We proudly stand behind all of our products 100% and we offer 3 year quality support. Please contact us FIRST in anytime if you have any problem. We are glad to provide help.

Fabric Lampshade: The white lampshade is made of high-quality material, it comes milky color when the light turn on. In the meantime, the lampshade soften the light to create a warm and cozy atmosphere during the night.

Triple Storing Space: This shelf floor lamp for bedroom has 3 tiers, and you can put the plants, photo frames on. Each board uses durable material, which allows to load 50 pounds items max. It is a practical lamp.

Pull-chain Switch: The pull-chain is easy to control. The chain is tested to make sure it can work normally after more than ten thousand pull. So please feel relieved to our products.

Three Color for Choice: We provide 3 color shelf lamp for choice-Black, white, and vintage. You can choose any one you like to match with furniture, and its simple design suit for any decor style. You will love this lamp.

floor lamp for bedroom



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Customer questions and answers about Addlon LED 3 tier floor lamp for bedroom

Can I put a Yeelight smart bulb in this lamp?

  • Yes

Can I use 3 watt LED bulbs?

  • You can use 3 watt led bulbs, but you should make sure the base is an E26.

Does this lamp turns on/off using wall switch?

  • Yes if the wall outlet is attached to the wall switch. Plug in this Addlon floor lamp for bedroom, turn it on. If the outlet is attached to the wall switch try to turn it off at the wall switch. If the lamp goes off you have your answer. Just leave the lamp turned on all the time but turn it on or off with the wall switch.

How tall is this floor lamp for bedroom? How about the spacing of each layer?

  • It is 63 inches tall,and the spacing between each layer is 16inches.
    In addition, the shelf is made of high-density board and it can hold up to 65 pounds.

How do I get the white shade part to stick to the base? It is lifted up so it looks mismatched and a bit bad.

  • The metal piece holding the shade may be installed upside down. I know because I did it wrong and it was so ugly. Once corrected it is a very nice looking lamp.
  • I had the same problem.The metal piece has velcro that connects the the shade and theres a black piece that unscrews right under where u put the light bulb
  • The shade should velcro on to base
  • You can contact us via the “Send us message” on the order page. We will provide more detailed help for you.

Does it look good in vintage color?

  • The color is very vintage and works well with most home decor styles.

How nice is the shade? Fabric not plastic.

  • The shade is very nice, in my opinion. It is folded flat when taken out of the packaging, but fits perfectly on the included frame. It is sturdy and shows no creases or wrinkles or other distractions. I use an Alexa device to control a smart bulb which I purchased separately – that way, I can easily control the brightness from my phone as well as turning it on and off.
  • The lampshade of the floor lamp uses fiber material.
    Durable and simple to look good.

Can this be assembled to be shorter? There are any assembly instructions could help?

  • Yes, you could leave out a shelf and set of metal legs (or two) to make it shorter without impacting the function of the lamp. You would need to include at least one shelf and set of metal legs in order for the pull chain to be accessible.
  • There are instructions and they are fairly well written. My 10 year old did about half of the assembly with minimal help.
  • Installation instructions will come with the lamp. You can refer to it and follow the steps listed, or you can also DIY.

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Best reviews to talk about Addlon LED 3 tier floor lamp for bedroom

This item is priced properly, the materials are ok assembly was very easy also came with a led bulb and works well with my Alexa!!! Very happy!

I love this floor lamp for bedroom! It was super easy to put together it took me about 10 minutes. I appreciate that the little cord clips and lightbulb was included so I was able to use the lap right away. It’s pretty and holding some plants in my office. Look great and warms up my office.

I have been looking at these kinds of floor lamp for bedroom for a while and finally decided on this one. It is exactly what I wanted and looks very nice where I place it, by the TV in my den. The floor lamp for bedroom was delivered on time, very well packaged, and easy to put together with the Addlon wrench which was provided. There were a couple of screws included, just in case I guess. The lamp is sturdier than others I had looked at in retail outlets, no scratches, blemishes at all. The lamp shade is packed flat in the box with the other pieces, but shapes out nicely with the frame which is included and easy to install. I like it.

I don’t know why there are so many reviews talking about this being “worth the price”. I got so worried when I saw reviews talking about scuffs, used materials, not very sturdy. These are extremely sturdy for what they are. The rods are made of metal NOT fake wood so it holds a lot of weights and if you tighten the bolts it’s pretty stable. They are pretty tall like 5’4 so obviously they are a little top heavy so weighing it down with books will help but a cat couldn’t tip this over. I immediately bought a second one for the other side of the couch.. these look super stylish and not cheap at all. I also had literally zero issues with the lamp shade unlike others. It took one crease fold to get it perfectly square. Others must be having issues for no reason. It comes with a nice led bulb but I bought two smart led bulbs for $15 and they work perfectly with Alexa. My ONLY issue with this lamp was the fact that the power cable comes out the top in the middle so you can see the cable coming out of the lamp. But it comes with clips to keep the cable as much out of sight as possible.

TLDR: if you are looking to get a floor lamp for bedroom, for your living room or whatever and want it to look nicer than those standing pole lamps with v shaped tops. This floor lamp for bedroom is the one you need. There really isn’t any point in spending more money than this product. Highly recommend getting the black color. I was able to cop 2 of these with smart bulbs for under $100 while lamps of similar quality are at that price for 1.

I highly recommend this item. It is very sturdy and can hold a lot of weight, 50 lbs. very easy to put together . Just the right amount of light in the corner and needed . I purchased it to put all my scarves in baskets rather than hanging off my old lamp. it is a nice addition to my bedroom and I plan on using it in the summertime to hold summer items instead of scarves. It’s priced very reasonably. I suggest if you’re looking for something for a tight corner this item I might just do the trick. something I did forget to mention though is that it is very lightweight in the fact that it moves easily.

This floor lamp for bedroom was everything I wanted for my small office space. It came well packaged (boxes in a box, in another box!) and even though the assembly instructions could have been better, there weren’t that many dissimilar parts where you absolutely couldn’t figure out how to assemble it. I had it assembled in about 15 minutes. The unit is very sturdy and is very decorative. The power cord is plenty long, so reaching the outlet was easy. The only thing that could have been better would be to have a more decorative nut to hold the light socket to the base. It has a wingnut that was preinstalled on the electrical cord and I was not going to take it apart to find something else; good enough for my need. I comes with an LED bulb, a nice touch, and you can put a brighter one if you need to. Overall, I’m very pleased with this purchase.




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