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  • Critically Acclaimed
  • Less Oil
  • Large Capacity
  • 13 Cooking Functions
  • Safe Materials
  • 100 Included Recipes
  • Convenient Design
  • Fully Certified
  • California Roots
  • Healthy Air Fryer



About healthy air fryer, COSORI Pro Max XL CP158-AF

Critically Acclaimed: COSORI Pro Healthy Air fryer (Red Dot Award, 2019) features 13 one-touch cooking functions and rapid 360° air circulation to provide crispy results using less oil.

Less Oil: The healthy air fryer uses up to 85% less oil than traditional deep frying methods while maintaining the same delicious taste, making it the perfect gift for family members and friends.

Large Capacity: The healthy air fryer’s spacious 5.8-quart square baskets can fit a whole 5-pound chicken. Additionally, the corner spaces provide more cooking footprint and flexibility than round designs. Cook the perfect amount of food for 3–5 people in one go.

13 Cooking Functions: 11 presets, Preheat, and Keep Warm help you cook meat, veggies, desserts, and more to perfection. Just choose your preset with 1 easy tap and you’re ready to cook. You can also set temperature and cook time for personal recipes.

Safe Materials: The removable, nonstick baskets are dishwasher safe, PFOA free, and BPA free. To find additional and replacement accessories for your air fryer, search for C158-6AC and C158-FB.

100 Included Recipes: Find inspiration for every meal with 100 original, COSORI chef-created recipes.

Convenient Design: The healthy air fryer produces crispy results in less time than a conventional oven and includes a shake reminder function. Preheat the air fryer before adding your ingredients for improved texture.

Fully Certified: The air fryer is ETL Listed and has a power rating of 120V/1700W and a temperature range of 170°–400°F. Please note that this voltage only applies to the US and Canada.

California Roots: Based in California, COSORI is proud to call the Golden State our home.

Healthier Options: Cook meals and snacks that taste as good as they look while reducing your oil intake in the process.

Up to 85% less oil needed: cook with up to 85% less oil than traditional deep-frying methods with the same crispy result.

Efficient & Reliable: Get the same delicious results on all your favorites without having to clean up a messy oven.

  • Fume-free cooking: keep your kitchen air fresh and free of smoke with the air fryer’s advanced design for air circulation.
  • Fun for the family: Explore new recipes with friends and family.
  • Design for everyone: Quickly air fry a healthy snack that everyone, even your little ones, will love.

Guilt-free meals: stick to your health goals and preference without sacrificing your favorite foods.

Great for all ages: Pursue healthy lifestyle goals while eating the classic dishes you love.

Simple cleaning: Easily clean the nonstick baskets with warm, soapy water, or put them in the dishwasher.

  • For simple steps
    • To separate the baskets for cleaning, pull the completely cooled baskets out and set them on a flat surface.
    • Slide the button guard forward to press the basket release button.
    • Pressing the basket release button will separate the baskets.
    • Clean baskets with warm soapy water, or let your dishwasher do the work.

Need ideas? We’ve gathered our favorites to inspire you with 100 created recipes.

  • Explore the possibilities: Follow one of the included 100 COSORI Chef-created recipes or create your own with 13 versatile cooking functions.
  • Enjoy Accessories: Cook cakes, pizzas, eggs, skewered foods, and more! COSORI 6 pieces accessories expand what you can make and even increase your cooking area in the air fryer.
  • Savory chicken: Cook fresh poultry to golden perfection with less oil.
  • Juicy meat: Thoroughly cook meat while retaining all of the flavorful juices.
  • French Fries: Easily make yourself this classic snack-no messy deep frying necessary.
  • Crispy bacon: Upgrade your breakfast routine with sizzling cuts of bacon.


Model name: Air Fryer Max XL (100 recipes) / COSORI Pro Air Fryer CP158-AF

Colors: BLACK / Burgundy Red / Creamy White

Capacity: 5.8 Quarts

Item weight: 11.9 pounds

healthy air fryer, COSORI, air fryer review

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healthy air fryer, COSORI, air fryer review

Best Reviews to talk about Healthy Air Fryer (COSORI Pro Max XL CP158-AF)

First off, I absolutely hate cooking. I don’t like the mess. It takes too much time. My recipes never turn out like they show in the cookbooks…and my cooking is pretty awful. I got the Healthy Air Fryer Cosori Air Fryer a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve been happily cooking every day, multiple times a day since.

You just pull it out of the box, and it’s ready to go. The detachable basket and pan are all that needed cleaning in soapy water before adding food. The buttons are self-explanatory. You’ve got a snowflake for frozen foods, fries for fries, bacon for bacon, and also Preheat and Keep Warm.

When I first turned it on, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I wondered if it was going to get hot and scorch my counter (or me). I thought this Healthy Air Fryer would be noisy. It was none of those things. It does get a little warm on the outside but not hot like an oven. You do need to be careful when you’re pulling the basket out or any food from inside the fryer because it’s deceiving that it works so quickly and gets food that hot that fast. As for noise, you can hear the air moving, but I wouldn’t call it noisy. My Alexa is near the Healthy Air Fryer, and the Alexa hears me just fine when I’m talking while the Healthy Air Fryer is running. Also, since my Alexa is near the air fryer, you can tell that the air fryer doesn’t get too hot or spit things at you or I wouldn’t have the Alexa there.

The air fryer looks great on my counter too. It’s already become a conversation piece in my kitchen. I had family over this weekend, and they wanted to know what it was. I put on a kitchen demo of sorts, and everyone stood around and watched, then ate all of the food (not a crumb left on the plates!), and then they said they needed to get an air fryer too.

So far, I’ve tried recipes in the included recipe book as well as a recipe for chicken fried steak in an air fryer cookbook I purchased separately. What’s great about the cookbook included in the Cosori Healthy Air Fryer is that each recipe has a picture with it, and the ingredients aren’t intimidating to those of you like me who don’t care for cooking. Most recipes call for ingredients you’ve actually heard of and probably have in your pantry — a real plus for me because I also hate wandering around in a grocery store searching for a random ingredient I’ll only use once.

The very first recipe I tried was sweet potato fries in the included Cosori cookbook. I like my fries a little crunchy, so I probably could have left them in the air fryer a few minutes longer than the recipe called for, but they were still delicious. Definitely the best sweet potato fries I’ve ever had.

For fun, I then threw in some frozen okra I had bought in the freezer section. I bought a water bottle and filled it with olive oil, so all I did was lightly squirt the olive oil on the okra while in the Healthy Air Fryer basket and then just pushed the snowflake button. The okra came out so crunchy, just the way I like it. And I couldn’t believe it had gone from frozen to crispy crunchy in just a matter of minutes. Most of them were golden brown, but I could tell the ones that I had missed when I sprayed the okra with the olive oil. Those were white — still crunchy and tasted fine, but a weird-looking white. I’ve since bought a pressurized oil sprayer can that’s specifically for spraying olive oil, and it works much better at spraying everything evenly than my plastic water bottle.

Same night and onto my third recipe: chicken fried steak. Now, this recipe wasn’t in the included Cosori cookbook. This particular cookbook didn’t have a picture, so I wasn’t at all sure how it would turn out. It’s so good, I’ve cooked it twice in three nights.

That night’s entire meal was cooked in the air fryer: sweet potato fries, frozen-turned-air fried okra, and chicken fried steak. It felt like an elaborate meal with hardly any time invested, and my kitchen wasn’t a disaster after cooking all of that. I only had a few plates and a couple of bowls that I’d used instead of pots and pans and baking dishes all piled up on my counter with a greasy stove to clean.

The next day, I tried the mozzarella cheese sticks in the included Cosori cookbook. I totally botched this recipe, using baking soda instead of cornstarch. Did I mention how bad I am at cooking? Even so, the mozzarella sticks worked out okay (but not great, which was likely my own fault). They crisped up nicely and quickly. They just didn’t look a thing like the picture in the recipe book. I would have also liked the cheese to be more melted on the inside. It seemed like the outside was really crispy and the inside wasn’t really melted. This could all be because of my using the wrong ingredient, so I’ll give it another shot because, even with the wrong ingredient, they weren’t bad. They didn’t taste like mozzarella cheese sticks, but they were still good.

For dinner, I cooked the kids grilled cheese sandwiches also using the included cookbook. These didn’t turn out as expected. At least I used the right ingredients this time. But the cheese wasn’t gooey like it would be if you cooked it on the stove. If I had doubled the amount of cheese the recipe called for it would probably be perfect. The bread was golden brown, though. It was a bit of a pain to have to melt butter on the stove, then brush it onto the bread, then grate cheese before putting it into the Healthy Air Fryer. I can get a grilled cheese sandwich in a pan quicker than that, but it was still fun to try. I’ll try the recipe again with more cheese. I think it’s a recipe I can tinker with to make perfect.

I then tried the pizza from the Cosori recipe book. I didn’t use pizza dough. I prefer pita bread. I followed the instructions as if it was pizza dough, which means you preheat the Healthy Air Fryer, brush your crust with olive oil, and then put it in the Healthy Air Fryer at 320 for five minutes. Then you take it out to add toppings. On mine, I put pizza sauce, pepperoni, mozzarella, and parmesan. Pop it back into the Healthy Air Fryer for another five minutes at 320, and it’s done. It was so good. I’ll be making another for lunch. The only downside was having to cook one at a time because I couldn’t fit two pieces of pita bread in the basket together.

My most-recent recipe to try is the coconut shrimp, which is also in the cookbook that comes with the Healthy Air Fryer. What would normally be a giant mess of the kitchen was only three bowls to dredge the coconut shrimp and then a plate to put them on. You preheat the Healthy Air Fryer while you’re getting everything ready, and then pop the shrimp in for eight minutes. They were very tasty, but I’ll add more coconut in my dredge next time than the recipe calls for. The recipe was good, but I couldn’t really taste the coconut.

I keep picking out new recipes to try in the cookbook, which is a first for me with my loathe of cooking. I’ve included pictures of the country fried steak, pizza, grilled cheese, mozzarella sticks, and coconut shrimp that I’ve made so far.

Even owning the 5.8 quart, you have to get used to cooking in batches. I wanted to make four chicken fried steaks that first night, but there was only room for two. Not a big deal. You just have to cook in batches. Making three pita bread pizzas, I just had to make each one separately since I could only fit one round piece of pita in at a time. For the grilled cheese sandwiches, two actually fit into the Healthy Air Fryer at the same time.

Like I said before, the cookbook that comes with the Healthy Air Fryer is full of pictures. It also has more than 100 pages of recipes. For example, you’ll find recipes for strawberry cream scones, stuffed french toast, BBQ bacon, ribeye, meatballs, fried chicken, crab cakes, wings, pigs in a blanket, french fries, onion rings, roasted corn, cheddar buttermilk biscuits, cinnamon rolls, pound cake, and orange cranberry muffins. I would be lost without the cookbook. It also tells you exactly which button to push on the Healthy Air Fryer too, so you’re learning about how to use your air fryer while you’re actually cooking instead of having to read an instruction manual cover to cover before you even have enough confidence to cook something.

I mentioned not having many dishes to clean after using the Healthy Air Fryer. What I love most about cleanup is how easy the Healthy Air Fryer itself is to clean. Everything just slides off of it. I’m barely scrubbing it, and it’s clean. I know the description says it’s dishwasher safe, but I just wash it in the sink because there’s nothing ever dried on and stuck to it. I love how I can put a little soap on it, and it’s clean and ready for my next recipe. The water beads on it, so it dries really fast.

The only negative about the Healthy Air Fryer is probably my own impatience with one of the controls. The temp/time is shared by one button. If you have a recipe that calls for you to adjust the temp and/or time, you have to toggle the button. It starts with temp, so if you need to change how long to keep something in, you hit the temp/time button again. Somehow, I keep managing to hit time when I mean temp and vice versa.

Also, the Healthy Air Fryer cuts off when you pull the basket out, just as it should so it’s not running while there’s nothing in the bottom. When you pop the basket back in, it defaults back to the original temp and time settings when you turn it on, not what you last had on there. It would be nice if it remembered what your setting was 5 minutes before. For example, the other night when I had to make the pizzas in batches, I had to run the Healthy Air Fryer 5 minutes for one crust, then five minutes for the next, and so on. Every time, I had to reset the time and temp when I pulled a crust out. That’s when I began noticing how bad I was at toggling the temp/time button I mentioned above.

Both the time/temp button being shared and the air fryer not remembering your last time/temp are extremely minor downsides. But they’re the only negatives I could think of because this Healthy Air Fryer has quickly become my favorite kitchen appliance.

I have never had any experience with an air fryer, so I have nothing to compare the COSORI Healthy Air Fryer against. But I did my research. read the reviews, watched videos, and crossed my fingers that I was buying the right one. I couldn’t have made a better choice. I’m actually excited to cook for the first time ever. Tomorrow on the breakfast menu: french toast sticks!

healthy air fryer, COSORI, air fryer review


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healthy air fryer, COSORI, air fryer review



7 reviews for Healthy Air Fryer COSORI Max XL CP158-AF

  1. JKS

    I love this air fryer! I use it to make hamburgers, chicken wings, sausages, bacon, to cook vegetables, and to reheat already cooked foods. I do a lot of grilling in the summer but I don’t like cooking meat indoors because of the smoke and grease that gets everywhere. This air fryer does not smoke and grease does not escape. Everything I have made so far has come out very well cooked and delicious. It’s also very fast. I have no complaints so far and I’m very glad I got this air fryer.

  2. nativehoosier

    I chose this particular air fryer over hundreds offered on Amazon. Features that were the most important to me were the number of presets (counting defrost) (12), the warranty (1 yr), Cosori accessories, and ease of use. It is easy to clean in the dishwasher, and the preset settings mean that I don’t have to calculate time or temperature. But it’s also easy to add time or subtract it if you need to. The night I received my air fryer, I made the most amazing steaks that were so tender and moist inside! Since then, I have made Cornish hens, BBQ ribs, blueberry muffins, tater tots, and many other dishes. The fryer is not heavy and it is not loud when in use. Do yourself a favor and buy this!

  3. Amazon Customer

    I love how easy it is to use and the fact that I use it on a daily basis whether I’m making the kids cheese fries for a snack, potato skins, meatballs, potatoes,Chicken fingers, etc! I’m still finding new things to cook. The only con is I had to reconfigure some of my own personal recipes to make sure chicken or hamburger meat doesnt get dried out. I still love it. Best money I’ve ever spent on a counter appliance. It definitely has plenty of room for a family of 4. I made 4 good size stuffed chicken breast at one time. I can make 20 med/ large meatballs at one time just to give you a general idea of how big and deep it is. Buy it you wont regret it!

  4. Justy

    This air fryer is awesome! I need a large basket for walleye and this is the largest I could find (10×10), which was a selling point. However, there are so many benefits! The programmed options, the ease of cleaning, the safety button on the basket, the price, just to name a few. I’ve only had it a few days and I’ve already made a home for it on my counter and replaced my smaller, less versatile Phillip’s air fryer with this dynamo. I’ll keep the other one for things like fries or potatoes, while using this one for the main items. I haven’t looked at the recipe book but I’m going to do so soon. One more thing, I shop on Amazon very often and this is one of the few reviews I feel compelled to write.

  5. Tiffany

    We loved how the product worked the first two times we used it but it stopped working after we preheated it to cook with it our third time. After only having it a week we had friends over, tried to cook wings and the air fryer stopped working after a few minutes. It acted as if the timer went off and it completed the cooking process and would not restart. After troubleshooting it would turn on and immediately turn off. We even tried waiting a day and re try it but it did the same thing. Product is being returned and replaced so hopefully it will work next time around.***Update***We received our replacement quickly and absolutely love this airfryer! It does seem to cook a couple of minutes quicker than the recommended times for air fryers which is nice. It’s been a few months and we haven’t had any problems with it.

  6. Maggie S

    I’ve had this about a week. I’ve made cake, sweet potato fries, wings and chicken thighs. I love how amazingly crisp and juicy everything is! The presets are extremely accurate and is a great size for 4 good size thighs or 12 wings.

  7. Dan

    My Wife and I purchased the Air Fryer and received it Sunday. So far we have only used it twice, but so far it is great! We cooked Crab Cakes last night with some tater tots and biscuits this morning for breakfast. Really easy to use and easy to clean. So far we both love it.UpdateWe have had it a few weeks now and continue to enjoy it. We did buy some accessories that work, but I wish that there were some designed specifically for the 5.8 QT Air fryer. These were made for both which means they are really too small to take advantage of the 5.8 QT volume. They only “kind of” work.We still love the fryer. That is why I did not change the star rating. But I really would like to see some specific accessories designed for the increased volume of this fryer.

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