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All about Art3d backsplash tile how to use easily and what you need to know

1.4 TIMES COVERAGE AREA – the size of Art3d peel and stick tile is around 12″x12″, which covers 40% more area than a 10″x10″ tile covers.

PREMIUM PEEL AND STICK TILES – The art3d peel and stick tiles are made of eco-friendly material, resistant to heat and moisture, easy wipe to remove the stains. Suitable for smooth and clean surfaces. Stick to wall without extra glue.

10-SHEET PACKAGE – come in one box of 10 sheets premium quality 3-D gel-like tiles, total covers around 8.2 square feet area (The total coverage area is NOT 10 square feet because of the overlap area )

EASY DO IT YOURSELF – stick on backsplash tiles for kitchen or bathroom, self adhesive, steady sticky, according to the size can be a good stitching installation can be bent to corner, no grout, no glue, no mess, no special tools and no experience needed.

WIDELY USE RANGE – It can be applied to decor the kitchen island walls, bathroom backsplashes, bedroom walls, laundry rooms etc, transform your living space from ordinary to extraordinary with these unique stick on tiles for backsplash!

Peel and Stick Tile for Backsplashes – Art3d peel and stick tiles are smart and unique products that will simplify your life. The tiles can be easily installed directly over existing panels or smooth surface. Especially designed for kitchen backsplashes and bathroom backsplashes, the tiles are resistant to the heat of stovetops and the humidity of bathrooms.

About Art3d – Art3d is a leading designer and manufacturer of decorative wall tiles, we focus on developing state of art products in both residential and commercial level. We produce a various collections of peel and stick wall tiles including embossed subway designs, marble designs, long gang glass designs and a variety of brick designs.


  • Extra bigger size: 12″ x 12″, a 12″x12″ tile covers 40% more areas than a 10″x10″ tile
  • Embossed textures design
  • Easy DIY, peel and stick on wall
  • Easy clean and maintenance
  • Easy cut and trim
  • Light weight and heat shield
  • Flexible and humidity resistant
  • Heavy-metal free, formaldehyde free

Surface Requirement

  • Backsplash tile how to prepare: The tile need to be installed over clean and sleek surface.
  • Backsplash tile how to stick on various surfaces: Please note that rough surfaces such as porous wood, embossed ceramic tiles or textured wallpaper are not suitable to install; NOT all the latex/repainted walls can be installed directly, for latex or repainted wall, the 3M Spray Adhesive is recommended.
  • Backsplash tile how to be away from dangers: Tiles should not directly contact with flames, steam or submerse in water. Do not install tiles less than 16 inches away from the top of stove.
  • Backsplash tile how to remove: If you want to remove the tile, you could use a hair dryer to warm up the adhesive and pull softly starting with the corners. Then, use a cleaning product to remove the excess glue left by the peel and stick tiles

Manufacturer: Art3d

Item weight: 1.91 pounds

Item model number: A17000M

Size: 12″ x 12″ (10 sheet)

Material: Wood, Resin, Ceramic

Shape: Rectangular

Installation method: peel & stick

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Customer questions and answers

Would this stick over ceramic tiles that are 2×2 squares? or would it cave in because of the grout in the previous tile?

  • It stick pretty well over ceramic tile, however, since it is thin, the gap between the ceramic tile might show a bit through.

Has anyone used this in an RV in the south where it gets hot in the summer? Does it lift in extreme heat?

  • This is not cheap quality stuff and being originally from Georgia, I know how humid it gets. I really do not think this stuff would lift. It is extremely sticky. I think it would be perfect for an RV renovation.

What is the size the individual tiles?

  • The size of individual title 3.3″ x 1.95″

Can you screw into this tile after it is installed?

  • I suppose you can screw through it. The tile is very thin and pliable; not like ceramic or porcelain tile. By itself it is not strong enough to hold a screw.

Will this stick to plaster walls? The backsplash tile how to paster?

  • Yes, you can also spray some spray adhesive prior to applying to the wall



9 reviews for Most popular backsplash tile how to install Art3d

  1. Michelle

    This was a fantastic upgrade on the cheap. Installation is forgiving and I was able to pull corners up to re-stick them if I came in a little crooked. I did smooth some of the wall blemishes with a course sanding block before applying the stickers, but wish I had prepped the wall better than I did. Wall bumps are visible through the new “tiles”, as you can see in my zoomed-in pic, but I don’t consider that a fault of the product. When you need to fit the stickers around outlets, they’re super easy to cut with normal scissors. The stickers overlap smoothly after applying pressure in the “grout lines”, so you have to get close to see where one sticker ends and the next begins. It looks like the real deal from a few feet away. I can’t speak to durability since I just put them up, but so far I highly recommend this product for anyone who wants a more modern look without the expense of real tiles.Edit: after about 7 months, they look just like they did on day one. When they get dirty, I just wipe them down and move on. If everything in the house was this easy to clean, I’d have soooo much spare time!

  2. Bill Billock

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     I’m a peel and stick pro and I do love this product. I did use the window cleaner method to install. Spray the area with Sprayway foaming glass cleaner first. Then apply the tile. By doing this you have working time to get it into the perfect place and butt your joints.take a squeegee or a flat piece of hard rubber and push the water out and wipe it away. Be careful to not scratch the surface.When you pull off the plastic pull from the solid side so you do not stretch the material. I’ve had it installed for a month and have had no lifting. Also use a paper cutter if you want perfect easy cuts. If your cut is wrong you can recut it on the paper cutter with sticky side up. Dont think a little more is better when butting to an edge. It pushes the product up. Recut it and it will lay down.If you do end up with a gap you can use appliance white touch up paint. It comes in a tube with brush like white out.I only say I’m an expert because I’ve done a lot of peel and stick stainless steel paper (super hard).

  3. Dan

    This was a great price on an item that exceeded my expectations. I bought the white subway tile version for my kitchen backsplash. Giving the wall a light sanding and a coat of white primer seemed to help encourage good results. Removing the backing of each sheet required a little patience, but wasn’t all that frustrating. I found that a scissors was fine for cutting sheets to size (and easier than using a blade cutter). The surprisingly realistic tiles adhered to my wall with no trouble, and I was glad I didn’t bother with spray adhesive. I think I’ll go admire my kitchen now…

  4. Betty

    I was a little hesitant to trying peel and stick backsplash but once it was up….So worth it. My walls were dark gray and some said that its thin and wouldnt hide the paint. Well it did for me. I needed the tiles, a pair of scissors, a measuring tape, a credit card to smooth the air out and a can of all purpose adhesive spray. Walmart 4 dollars. I used the adhesive because my walls arnt 100% smooth, its not necessary but I jusy wanted the adhesive to get im the uneven spaces on the wall to avoid air bubbles. Easy, and looks great. I would highly recommend.

  5. Stephanie Burns

    I used this stick tile as my update to my kitchen. As a newbie to home improvement projects, I wasn’t ready to go with a ceramic tile backsplash. This stuff was perfect!!! I added another mosaic stick on tile for an accent to the white tile, so I did a bit more cutting than would have been with just the white tile. The subway tile, was easy to cut, easy to apply, and SUPER forgiving to removal and reapplication. I had to take down several areas completely after putting it up wrong.I can’t speak to the durability or adhesion strength as it’s only been up for 24 hours at this point. But so far, so good.

  6. Giuliana Alcala

    I love everything about these tiles! The way they look, the way they feel, the way they are cleaned…it’s all so easy. It looks and feels like real tile. The only thing hard about the application is sitting still for that long to make sure all the lines and tiles line up. We found that two people doing it together was the best way. Start at the bottom and only peel back the bottom later and stick on the wall in the perfect spot. Then pull the backing away from the bottom – up, using a credit card to smooth each row of tiles as they stick. It looks so seamless! I can’t say enough about how awesome these tiles are. I was SUPER skeptical and very worried about trying this, but it turned out great and kept us WAY under budget for our kitchen reno. Great Product!

  7. Antita

    Excellent product!! I bought two (2) packs for the area I needed and was exactly the amount I needed. I took another persons suggestion from the reviews to use sprayway glass cleaner before placing the actual peel and stick back splash on the wall. What an excellent idea…it did give me time to work by sliding it on to match the backsplash pieces on the wall. Without it, you would need to do a precise match but run the risk of un-peeling the backsplash a few times trying to match it correctly…that can ruin the quality of the adhesive and also the material itself. I saw some reviews of complaints that the “over lap here” is written on some of the tiles, and yes they are…but it’s for obvious reasons, it’s for you to overlap the materials on those pieces!!! If you don’t overlap, then it will show, that’s common sense. Read instructions or look at video examples if you’re not handy in DIY projects. I’m not an expert either but the instructions are easy to follow. Looks great, stuck on the wall very well. The quality is beautiful as well. This is what you call kitchen remodeling on a budget and cheap!! Love my new kitchen!

  8. WingTheory

    These peel and stick Subway tiles look amazing! They are raised, so they actually look like the real thing! There was a slight learning curve when I started installing but I soon got the hang of it. I like how you can cut the square to fit your needs by simply removing the bottom row of tiles with a box cutter, which can then be individually cut and used elsewhere. I have little talent when it comes to these things, but you couldn’t tell by the end result. Just be sure to caulk the edges where it meets the countertop and it looks like the real deal! I am so pleased.

  9. Samantha Campbell

    I like how easy they are to use. They are pretty forgiving so they allow you to remove them from the wall if you mess up the alignment. I will say getting them to line up properly is the hardest part and take a while each time. If you are hoping on using these in areas that you don’t have complete access or visibility to, then you might need an extra person to look at a different angle while you try to stick them to the wall. Used in both my bathroom and my kitchen and they work for both areas! Nice chic addition to the decor to my home.

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